The Analyst Program

“The culture we have tried to create at Kobre & Kim is one that encourages people to speak for themselves and to be vocal about their opinions. We know that the best ideas and strategies do not always come from the top down but from all directions. This is important because we are ultimately in the business of advocating for our client’s position.”

–Michael S. Kim, firm co-founder

How Do Analysts Add Value to a Case?

The Kobre & Kim Analyst Program is a highly selective minimum two-year program consisting of recent top-tier college graduates and young professionals. Under the close supervision of attorneys and through extensive training, Analysts serve as critical members of the case teams to provide research, knowledge and insight into sophisticated markets and a broad suite of highly specialized financial products, as well as creative strategic solutions to help solve our clients’ problems.

The Analyst Program was created out of Michael Kim and Steven Kobre’s vision to maximize the value we provide to clients. They recognized that there is a premium associated with all work generated by an attorney, but not all substantive work in support of a client’s position requires a law degree. Examples of substantive work performed by analysts include:

  • Conducting factual and financial analysis and legal research;
  • Providing strategic input based on their knowledge of the case facts;
  • Drafting and filing court documents;
  • Preparing for court appearances, depositions, client meetings and witness interviews; and
  • Managing short-term and long-term investigative projects.

By having Analysts conduct this work under attorney supervision, attorneys can focus on the legal complexities and strategy at hand, which do require the expertise of a developed legal practice. Analysts are different from the typical paralegal in that they are expected to work on substantive legal and financial projects.

Above all else, Analysts serve as the factual backbone of a case team as members closest to a case’s fact pattern and documents. Without their knowledge of what happened in a given case, our attorneys could not build our legal arguments or strategy out of those facts. Many of our analysts also speak one or more languages, have specialized knowledge of a particular region, or previous experience in the financial sector. Additional information on our analysts, including Specialist Analysts, can be viewed here as well as the Our People section of our website.

Analysts also encourage their teams to think outside of the box when devising new strategies to solve a client’s problem. Without being trained on “how things are always done” in the legal industry, they help the team see an issue in ways that other firms or parties may not otherwise think of.

Learn more about how Analysts add value to cases to further the client’s agenda here.

Join the Analyst Program

Kobre & Kim is recognized industrywide for its innovative Analyst Program, which now encompasses more than 60 Analysts worldwide. Analysts remain at the firm for a minimum of two years (and often longer), working alongside lawyers from the inception of the investigative phase of cases through actual litigation. Working under the supervision of the firm's lawyers, our Analysts provide research, knowledge and insight into sophisticated markets and a broad suite of highly specialized financial products.

All Analysts have opportunities for advancement after their first year, including transitioning to management roles as a Senior Analyst or Product Manager. Analysts are also eligible to work in a highly legal-focused role as Specialist Analysts, working closely with the firm’s lawyers in cultivating specific product areas or skills to provide critical advisory services and leadership on client matters.

The Analyst Program offers an unparalleled opportunity for recent college graduates and young professionals to gain substantive, hands-on experience in law; develop their critical thinking skills and acumen for a successful career in any industry; and join a network of both current and emerging leaders in the legal industry and beyond.

Additionally, the Analyst Program offers unique benefits and opportunities for Analysts, including but not limited to:

  • Career growth (promotion and leadership opportunities, cross-office teamwork & collaboration, affinity groups, mentorship, international connections and alumni network, structured feedback)
  • Skills development (client interaction, public speaking, extensive training and resources, stipends for foreign language courses and job-related professional certifications)
  • Graduate school preparation support (paid study leave, firm-covered test preparation stipend, guidance from peers and network)
  • Work perks (social and professional development events, peer and attorney mentorship, stipends, external/internal speaker events, potential office transfers and travel opportunities, hybrid working model, and much more).

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Job Qualifications

The Analyst position is open to final-year undergraduate and graduate students across the globe from any field of study or discipline. Analysts are typically top-ranked graduates from prestigious colleges and universities. Candidates should possess a minimum of a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university; a strong academic background; and excellent critical thinking, writing, research, teamwork and communication skills.

Analysts are highly motivated and intellectually curious individuals who display a broad range of academic and extracurricular interests. Interest in exploring financial markets and pursuing a career in law is welcomed but not necessary. Analysts come from a range of disciplines including STEM, finance, social sciences, and liberal arts. Additional language skills that can be used in a business setting — Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish — are not required but strongly encouraged.

Learn more about our current analysts in the Our People section here.

Recruiting Process & Timeline 

Kobre & Kim typically recruits full-time Analyst cohorts in the fall (September – November) and summer Analyst Intern cohorts beginning in mid-January. Recruiting is conducted through on-campus recruiting (OCR) and/or resume drops at universities within the United States and internationally. Active openings for full-time Analysts and Summer Analyst Interns are posted on the Analyst Program Careers Page as well as on many university careers platforms. We accept applications from talented individuals across the globe from all schools and backgrounds. Please click here to see some of the schools we commonly receive applications from.

Analyst and Intern cohorts primarily start in mid-June and go through two weeks of extensive training. Smaller cohorts of Analysts may also join the firm throughout the year. An overview of the standard application and interview process can be viewed here.

Opportunities to learn more about the Kobre & Kim Analyst Program and directly connect with current analysts are organized as part of university On-Campus Recruiting (OCR) programs, as well as independently by the Analyst Program Recruiting Team. 

Please note that we will be holding three information sessions this year. If you are interested in attending any of the following virtual info sessions, please provide your information to

Date Time
Thursday, September 7 12:00 pm ET
Wednesday, September 27 6:00 pm ET
Tuesday, October 3 7:30 am ET

To request an informational interview with a current Analyst or member of the recruiting team prior to submitting an application, email with a copy of your CV/resume and relevant information to best connect you.

Please note that all events and interviews are conducted virtually via Zoom unless otherwise specified.

Analyst Program Job Openings

Full-Time Analyst Position Openings (Immediate Start) 

Applications for full-time Analyst positions in our New York, Washington DC, San Francisco and London offices, with an immediate start, are now closed. If you have already applied, you can expect to hear back from us shortly. To view active openings in the Analyst Program at any time, please refer to our Careers website at

Applications for full-time Analyst positions in our Hong Kong office, with an immediate start, remain open. For this location, we are currently only accepting applications from candidates who either have citizenship, residency or work authorization in Hong Kong. We do not sponsor visas at this time. Please follow the instructions below to apply:

Step 1 of 2: Please apply on our careers portal at

Step 2 of 2: Please apply and submit the following materials through Smartsheet at

Required Application Materials

  • Resume/CV (include your cumulative GPA or final degree)
  • Cover Letter
  • Unofficial Academic Transcript or Documentation on Academic Performance
  • Two Writing Samples*

*Writing samples should be argumentative papers written for college courses and/or independent research papers. Full papers of 5-10 pages or excerpts from lengthier samples are acceptable.

Full-Time Analyst Position Openings (Summer 2024 Start) 

The application for the full-time Analyst position with an anticipated start date of June 17, 2024 is now open. We are hiring in the following office locations: New York, Miami, San Francisco, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Dubai, São Paulo and Tel Aviv. All applications will be reviewed until available openings are filled. All applicants will be provided a status update once available but urgent inquiries including competing offer deadlines should be communicated in advance to Please follow the instructions below to apply: 

Step 1 of 2: Please apply on our careers portal at

Step 2 of 2: Please apply and submit the same application materials listed above through Smartsheet at

Note that if you are applying from one of the following Universities, you are eligible to participate in virtual On Campus Interviews (OCI). Please refer to your university career platform (i.e. Handshake, Simplicity) for specific application details.

Virtual On-Campus Interview Schedule


OCI Date

Georgetown University

September 20, 2023

University of Virginia

September 28, 2023

Columbia University

October 10, 2023

Yale University

October 12, 2023

University of Pennsylvania

October 18, 2023

Harvard University

October 19, 2023

Princeton University

October 26, 2023

Middlebury College

October 31, 2023

Summer Analyst Internship Openings

Kobre & Kim is no longer accepting global applications for the 2023 Summer Analyst Internship Program. Applications will open in January 2024 for the 2024 Summer Analyst Internship Program and will be available on this website. 

Email with any questions. 

About the Summer 2024 Analyst Internship Program

The Summer Analyst Internship will be held from June 17 to August 9, 2024. Please note that work authorization is required to intern in the hired location but OPT is accepted for U.S. offices.

Only undergraduate and graduate students with graduation dates between December 2024 and June 2025 are eligible to apply. This internship is an excellent opportunity to gain exposure to the legal industry and hands-on experience in the dynamic fields of complex civil and criminal financial litigation. Summer Analyst Interns will work on case teams and closely collaborate with the firm’s lawyers, Analysts and Litigation Assistants while contributing to various substantive and administrative assignments. Summer Analyst Interns may also support the firm’s internal departments, such as knowledge management and global business development, to drive the firm’s practice and product innovation forward.

General duties may include, but are not limited to, document review and analysis, open-source research, factual and financial analysis, note-taking for external meetings or court appearances, preparation of court papers, compiling documents for attorney and client review, and organizing electronic case files. All duties are conducted under lawyer supervision.

By the conclusion of the internship, Summer Analyst Interns should have a strong command of the practical and logistical foundations involved with legal work. Summer Analyst Interns will also have the option of being considered for the full-time Analyst position for start in summer 2025 or potential more immediate 2024 openings.

Alumni of the Analyst Program

Our alumni contribute to the firm’s rich history and tradition, and we strive to maintain active relationships with our global alumni. Upon completion of the Analyst Program, more than half of our Analysts attend law school at world-renowned institutions, while a significant number go on to attend top business schools or seek other advanced degrees. Analyst Program alumni have also returned to our firm as associates. Our alumni are among the most talented and sought-after young professionals in the industry, and we aim for each individual experience at Kobre & Kim to translate into a lifetime of meaningful work.

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